Q34: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 34)

 “Vicki moved in today, and Ned couldn’t be happier.  She will pal around with him three afternoons a week while I stay at KCTS and Cathy is at the Children’s Festival.  It should work out fine, although I have some concerns about the effect on Ned.  He’s never said so, but he is most certainly attracted to Vicki.  Having her so close, so often, might be hard for him, especially as she will and has every right to continue her own social life while living here.  Ned understands that the basement is now hers, and he is never to go down there without her permission.  My concern isn’t that he’ll bother her.  My concern is that she will, unwittingly, bother him a lot.  She will become his Snow White, eventually to pat him on the head and ride away with a prince.”  p. 183


Has your love one ever had a crush on someone in your social circle?  Have you had to step in and re-direct their affection?  Did it work?  What do you think about the Palmer’s decision to have Vicki move in with them and be a caregiver for Ned?

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