Q32: Life With Charley – Acknowledgements

If you were to write a page or two of thank-you’s to people who have impacted your life and the life of your child, who would it include?

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  1. Nova Hewitt says:

    Vicky Auspry. Kates friend and assistant for two years in school. She gave Kate the friendship and confidence she needed. She protected her when I was not there. I will love her always.
    Every single person I made a call to for help when I felt lost.
    People in Kates hangouts who are happy to see her. Matt and the crew at Nolas.
    There is a certain haunting loneliness for us. Together we carry on. There is no real support system. People hired come and go. I’m thankful for them but know…
    Every kind word is sacred.
    Patti Saylor and her sister. Jay at Medsource a huge help. You. Working hard to connect people.
    To every hand and voice that has carried us…some I don’t even know their names, thank you for giving us life.

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