Q28: Life With Charley – Unless You’ve Made Other Plans

One of the scariest things for parents of people who have Down syndrome, or any intellectual / developmental disability, is worrying about what will happen to our child if something happens to us. Sherry came face to face with this fear when she fell.

Brad held my hand before they lifted the gurney. Three things popped into my mind.

One. There I was, surrounded by this sea of young, handsome faces, and not one could even come close to the one I wake up to every morning.

Two. All I ever wanted is what I have. I have two guys in my life. One of them was at school worrying about his mama (no doubt being reassured by his teacher, Mrs. Bennett, that I would be okay), and the other was still in love with me after twenty-eight years of marriage, telling me to hang in there, that he would be right behind the ambulance following me to the hospital.

How lucky can a person get?

And three. Who’s going to take care of Charley? Brad’s got to work. P. 510

Do you have a plan in place in case something happens to you?  Is there someone who can help out if you are sick?

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