Q24: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 24)

 “Ned’s facility with phrases I never thought he knew brings me up short sometimes.  Once we were watching Ira’s high school football team get slaughtered by an opponent.  Right after the other team made a touchdown and the score hit 38 to 3, Ned said casually, “This is like watching the carnivores against the herbivores.”  He didn’t overhear it from somebody else in the stands, because there was hardly anybody else there.  I certainly don’t think he read it anywhere.  It just occurred to him, a summation of the game that any sportswriter would be proud to claim.  Although his brother found it less than amusing the five or six hundred times I repeated it during the next few years…


As he gets older, I’m seeing more ways we are alike, and a “like father, like son” moment is oddly satisfying, even when the shared trait isn’t necessarily positive.  He’s like me, and just as I would be of any other son, I’m proud of that.”  p. 93


Has your loved one said something that surprised you?  Do you see similarities between your loved one and yourself?

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