Q22: Adventures in the Mainstream

Q 22)

 “…we brought Ned along to the wedding, although he wasn’t invited, even after we told our friend he was coming.


For a while I had a problem with Ned’s not being asked to attend the ceremony or reception dinner.  One of the dangers that goes with being the protector of a child with Down syndrome is that you almost immediately acquire an acute sensitivity to your kid’s being slighted for who he is. I claim that I’d be satisfied if Ned is treated just like everybody else, but there are certainly occasions when I want and expect him to be treated better, without my even realizing that’s what I’m doing…


Ned’s never even met the bride and groom, and had no business at an adult wedding.  And the newlyweds had much more important things to deal with than what I did with my kid during their festivities.  I was wrong to feel any kind of resentment about Ned’s not being involved.”  p. 89


Has your loved one been excluded from events?  Do you think Palmer had a right to be upset?  How would you react in this situation?

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