Q16: Adventures in the Mainstream

“Most kids would probably pass by the hymnbooks in such a gift shop without a second glance. But not Ned, who has been a songbook collector for a long time.” …

“His current songbook collection must be at least two hundred volumes, and he’s read every one of them carefully. In 1997, I did a documentary for PBS about vaudeville. While we were in production, I wondered one day about songs that are standards now t were originally composed for the vaudeville stage, and how we needed to research that to demonstrate vaudeville’s effect on contemporary life. Ned was present and immediately said, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” was written in 1910 by Jack Norworth for his vaudeville act.” He said it the way another kid might say, “Peanut butter’s the brown stuff.” And he was right. p. 43

This passage reminded me of my own son and how he amazes me at times with his specific knowledge. He can almost always bet me at “Name that Tune,” even when we’re listening to ’80’s rock (my particular favorites).

Does your loved one have a specific field of interest? Does he/she amaze you with the things he/she remembers?

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