Q11: Life With Charley – Helpin’

Charley likes to help around the house and surprise his parents.  Sometimes, things don’t work out so well, like when he spills water in the kitchen as he’s trying to make coffee, or uses the garden hose to fill the gas tank of the car.  Sherry tells a few of these stories, then reflects on the gift that they really are:

He may clang the dishes and yell a few choice words when the silverware won’t fit in the drawer, and he may set the table with china at wee hours, but so what? While most kids his age are worrying about collecting name-brand clothes, applying for college, enlisting in the military, and getting jobs, here’s our son, setting the table, making the coffee, gassing up the car, doing the best job he knows how, trying to please us. 

And isn’t that the biggest “pwise” of all?

It is our job to love him just as he is.

It is his job to be Charley. Pp. 139-140


Does your child try to help around the house?  What’s your favorite mishap story?  Have you ever thought about how lucky we are to have that kind of innocence in our lives?

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One comment on “Q11: Life With Charley – Helpin’
  1. Nova Hewitt says:

    “How lucky we are to have this kind of innocence in our lives.” How very beautiful and perfection! What a joy I feel having such an angel in my life every single day!
    I’m not always smiling…sometimes it takes a minute to remember it’s only things or money that are lost in the details and the experience becomes a gift.
    Kate helps organize things. She’s great at it. Grocery days she helps reorganize the fridge and gets things in their proper place. Her way. If I don’t keep an eye out…there may be a little excitement. My attention was on a phone call while Kate was working in the kitchen. I completely forgot to check her work. Hours later making dinner I was looking for the lettuces and and fruit and thought I left it in the car. Nope. Freezer. All the produce. And her liquid medicine! 250 dollar medicine. Kate thought that’s where it belonged. When I figured it out I was obviously upset and she dropped to the floor in grief. I quickly pulled myself together. I comforted her called the pharmacy in Colorado and was happy to hear all was well from them. The veggies were all good except the lettuce. Went over freezer info yet again. Explained it was not a big deal. We have each other and I make mistakes all the time! Her feeling still hurt but she loved me still.
    She gives life her all. She invests her love in me. How I love that girl. Nothing is more valuable than her love and loving her.
    I love your stories!
    And I love telling stories about Kate.

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