Upside Down: How a Girl with Down Syndrome Changed a Man, a Family, and a Community


Marv Loucks

Upside Down
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.58Paperback: $ 3.58
ISBN: 1613141947
Pages: 90

ABOUT THE BOOK: In this life, you WILL experience adversity. Expect it. It is inevitable. But if you understand that struggles and difficulties are opportunities for personal growth, adversity will also be invaluable. Upside Down is a story about how God used a girl with Down syndrome to change a man, a family, a church, and a community. The birth of a child changes life for parents. The initial shock of hearing that their daughter was born with Down syndrome took that change to a different level for Marv and Kerri Loucks. It was a defining moment in their lives. Then, seventeen months after their daughter, Kyle, was born, they faced another major crisis. Kyle underwent surgery to correct a heart defect. The surgery was successful, but she contracted a virus that nearly took her life before her second birthday. That adversity was not the end, but the beginning of something better. Upside Down will encourage you to reflect more, reach higher, grow in your faith, love more unconditionally, give more freely, live more fully, and persevere more intently. It is about finishing the race. Do not get to the end of your life only to find regret. Finish strong. **** ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marv Loucks is a businessman and writer. He is also a retired college basketball official and the founder of Vision 2020, a task force in his community, whose mission is the fight against illiteracy. He writes a daily blog, "With Regard to Life," which can be found at Marv lives in El Dorado, Kansas, with his wife, Kerri, and daughter, Kyle.

Reviews:tony hall on Amazon wrote:

I highly recommend Upside Down: How a girl with Down syndrome changed a man, a family, and a community. Not just for families that have a Down syndrome child, but for those that do not. It is an important story that I could tell you about, but I would not be able to do as good a job as author and father Marv Loucks has done in his powerful book about his daughter Kyle, his wife Kerri, and the many fantastic relatives, friends, and educators that help tell the amazing story of this inspirational young woman.

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Fabulous book! Highly recommend it to anyone!

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