Unwanted: How a Mother Learned to Turn Shame, Grief, and Fear into Purpose, Passion, and Empowerment


Linda Smith

Editions:Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: 0999227602
Pages: 289
Audiobook: $ 17.46

Linda Smith grew up impoverished, neglected and abused, but knew a great destiny awaited. She had no idea her life would take the turns it would, or deliver her from fear and guilt to triumph and unconditional love. A high school dropout turned model actress, Smith married a popular Canadian entertainer and built a life together traveling across two countries while becoming entrenched in the Las Vegas celebrity community. Linda had achieved a pinnacle she never thought possible--and then it all came crashing down. When Linda gave birth to a Down syndrome baby, she was certain life as they knew it was over, but instead, their son Christopher became a catalyst that catapulted Linda onto even bigger stages. Behind the glitz and glamour of the Strip, she produced charity events and concerts for a cherished disability organization, learning the job of fundraiser among millionaires, mobsters, and city movers-and-shakers. She became one of the nation's most successful fundraisers, raising over half a billion dollars for disability causes, but her most cherished role was as a mother, seeing Chris exceed all expectations and become a force that changed not just her life, but their entire world.

Reviews:Foxy Vixen on Amazon wrote:

I am a Book Blogger and Linda's PR Manager approached me to read and review this book.

I don't even know where to begin and end with this review, I guess I will start out by saying that there should be a 10 star option, and this book would certainly get it.

Linda Smith grew up impoverished, neglected and abused, but knew a great destiny awaited. She had no idea her life would take the turns it would, or deliver her from fear and guilt to triumph and unconditional love.

I don't believe in rehashing all of the details of a book, but your mouth will hang open in awe from page 1 until you close the last page.
I guess the thing that struck me the most was the raw truth that she told thru-out the book. I can't imagine what it took to admit her many emotional errors as a newborn mother. She lays it out there for the world to judge her.
This book certainly tells you what it was like 'back in the day' for parents of a child with learning difficulties. I was around during that time, worked with children who dealt with learning difficulties, so I can attest to the truth she is telling. The shocking part was the illegal immigrant status part of this book. It certainly brings into light what is going on in today's news.

If you are looking for a book that tells you the truth like no other, the craziness of our laws and the crazy beliefs that normal people hold about people with intellectual disabilities. This is the bare all story of one lady's rough journey thru a multi-tiered nightmare with a definite not taking NO as an answer, than this book is for you.
The book takes place mostly in Las Vegas, Nevada. Linda gives the inside view of many famous people that all of us will recognize. We hear so much negative stories about the rich and famous, this did my heart good to know that probably 3/4 of what we hear are pretty much lies.

Sharron Grodzinsky on Goodreads wrote:

Linda’s journey with her beloved son, Christopher, is the amazing story of their journey from being unwanted in so many ways to becoming a shining light, not just for themselves but a beacon of hope for millions of others.

Presented as a very young mother with what some called a child who had no value, Linda turned that perception around to show the world all people have value. Christopher led the way for her with grace, joy and dignity few ever achieve.

It’s the story not just of one family but a community of people with Linda and Christopher leading the charge to change the face of people with disabilities and raise not only millions of dollars, but awareness of the good in everyone.

You may shed tears and laugh as you read her story, but you won’t forget what one woman, who found her life mission through the love of her son, accomplished accompanied by an army of friends and family.

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