Tuesday’s Child


Kathy Evans

Tuesdays Child
Editions:Paperback: $ 22.00
ISBN: 0717146227
Pages: 232

This beautifully written memoir is a compelling mix of heartfelt personal story and insightful journalism. Tuesday's Child highlights society's attitudes to difference, but more importantly the defining moment that was to reshape a family's life. Heart-warming and thought-provoking.

Reviews:Inge Hulsker on Goodreads wrote:

A disappointing book. I expected a story about the family, including the child with Down's Syndrome. But it was nothing but the mother feeling sad and angry and complaining. She complains about every reaction anyone had, no one could do it right. There is much focus on the downsides and all the things that are different for Caoimhe,

I would have liked to read about the daily business of the family, including the 2 sisters. But we stayed mostly in the mother's head.

Joy Norman on Goodreads wrote:

The author has the ability to see the differing attitudes and effect it has on others lives. It was sad to hear that Caiomhe' diagnosis and treatment was often very negative by the medical field whom we think would support and be encourage the family. I found the book became repetitive and for me it lost some of the impact.

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