The Down Syndrome Diary: The Journey of One Little Book That Will Change the World.


Jamie R Freeman

The Down Syndrome Diary
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99Paperback: $ 50.00
ISBN: 979-8595955737
Pages: 250

If ever a book had a soul, it would be the one you're reading about right now.

In 2013, when her son was just six months old, a new mama walked into a bookstore and bought a beautiful, leather-bound journal. Inside she proceeded to pour her soul out and tell her story. What story? The story of what it’s truly like to have a child with Down syndrome...the story she wished she could have read the day she found out she would be part of that club.

She then packed up the journal and sent it off to her friend many miles away in northern Ontario, Canada. Social media outlets had brought them together, and the sharing of this tangible journal began to bring them even closer. The spirit of the book began to grow as the diary embarked on a journey through twenty-six homes in four different countries finally making its way back into the hands of that original mama.

As the stories were told and the torch was passed, The Down Syndrome Diary was born. A journal filled with words, pictures, tears, and even a few wine stains became the greatest gift someone could receive upon hearing that their child has Down syndrome.

Opening these pages will give you a glance into the amazing work of art that journal became.


Reviews:Addictedamazonshopper on Amazon wrote:

This is an incredibly special book filled with so much love. Thank you to all the writers for their vulnerability and willingness to share their experiences. Lessons learned and shared in this diary are applicable for any reader. But to any parent dealing with the news of an unexpected diagnosis of any kind, this is a must read. It contains beautiful stories about the power of love and the human spirit.

Jenni on Amazon wrote:

I was so excited to get my diary! It’s as beautiful in person as it looked. Love reading each families story about their family! Thank you so much for sharing your lives with all of us!

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