The Angel Within


Janet Wade

The Angel Within
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.00
Pages: 247

A poignant, remarkable account of a young couple’s struggle to accept that their first child has Down’s Syndrome. ‘The Angel Within’ is an incredibly moving story, and one that lays bare the effects of mental handicap on family life. As resistance to the devastating truth diminishes, so there emerges a gradual but positive realization that life must not only go on, but is actually enhanced by one of Nature’s ‘special people’.

Janet Wade has captured the frightening, loving, often lonely experience of living between the real, and a Peter Pan world. Honestly expressing everyday feelings and concerns, this is a book that tugs at the emotions. Sensitively written, often humorous, it is best of all extremely readable.

“Read this book. Don’t skim it. If you skim it you will miss the all-important moments that tell how a family with a disabled daughter missed out on all sorts of things they had expected, and indeed planned, but secured so many joys and satisfactions that were wholly unplanned …… sometimes funny, sometimes deeply moving.”

Reviews:J C Fraser on Amazon wrote:

Difficulty in believing that this was a first novel. The book was written with such skill and sympathy. Enjoyed its warmth and reality. I have recommended it to several people. Looking forward to her network. Sheena

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