No Greater Love


Frank Gill Slaughter 

No Greater Love
Editions:Hardcover: $ 6.10
ISBN: 0385188722
Pages: 252

Medical ethics and international diplomacy come into play when Dr. Ted Bronson and Dr. Liz McGowan are drawn together to try to save an Arabian princess' unborn child.

Reviews:Petri Liukkonen on Books and Writers wrote:

Another independent and strong-willed character is Dr. Elizabeth MacGowan in No Greater Love(1985), who keeps alive a pregnant, brain-dead woman to save the fetus. For the sake of storytelling, some of Slaughter's characters express opinions that the author don't necessary share. Thus one doctor says: "When I see a child with Down's Syndrome plus ... spina bifida and hydrocephalus I can't help feeling that both patient and family would have been a lot better off if someone had done [an] amniocentesis ... A syringe full of concentrated saline injected into the uterus can make it empty itself in a harmless abortion with no more danger than having a wisdom tooth pulled." (The Doctor in Literature. Volume 3. Career Choices by Solomon Posen, 2010, p. 240) Slaughter's final novel, The Transplant, came out in 1987.

Bud Irving on Amazon wrote:

I loved it....kind of slow at first, and I am sure it was planned that way. Then, Clark Kent came out of the phone booth.. Made me cry, want to murder, and absolute exhileration. I can't wait to read the other books.
Good Job..

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