Life, Lessons and Laughter: Discovered by a Mother Whose Son Has Down Syndrome


Diane W. Cassity 

Life Lessons and Laughter
Editions:Kindle: $ 6.99Paperback: $ 11.70
ISBN: 1477502408
Pages: 274

Witty, humorous, entertaining - all describe this mother's captivating memoir. When her son, Jared, bounced into the world with Down syndrome, she was surprised when this unexpected new journey turned out to be an amazing adventure loaded with priceless lessons - many of which included a hearty dose of laughter. This collection of stories is for everyone, whether or not your life has been touched with someone who has Downs. They will make you smile, laugh out loud, or touch your heart. Celebrate his life with her through these delightfully fun, and at times, poignant stories. Once you read a few, you'll find yourself saying, "Just one more..." Some chapter headings include: Futons and Post Diggers; Nix the Fish, Bring on the Cocktail; The Miracle; Silver Trumps Gold; Peanut Butter Shot Panic; A Proliferation of Problematical Stuff; Towels, Ear Rubs, and the Jitterbug.

Reviews:Lori Fleming on Amazon wrote:

This is a book about one of my dear friends and their son, Jared is amazing and if you want to read an uplifting book that will make you laugh and cry at the same time this is the one..Love you Jared your my hero If I could only be 1/2 the man Jared is I would light the world on fire!!!

Karen on Amazon wrote:

I thoroughly enjoy reading the book: Life, Lessons and Laughter by Diane Cassity. I could just picture each scene she described in her book, and could feel the feelings that they were going through. I laughed and cried. The chapter about Jared's birth was so touching and intimate. Diane is a superb writer. She uses descriptive words and she also uses her fun, fun, personality, which just saturates the entire book. Jared is an incredible person, and so is Diane, Lee, and John. I loved learning more about this wonderful family whom I already loved anyway.

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