Letters to My Daughter: The Story of How One Family Overcame Tragedy and Loss


Tim Orr

Letters to My Daughter
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99Paperback: $ 9.99
ISBN: 1979534217
Pages: 155

The only thing predictable about life is its constant unpredictability. One moment you could be living the American Dream; the next, you could be immersed in grief. Regardless of where life takes you, it’s important to maintain faith in God.

Reviews:Sandra D on Amazon wrote:

Letters to my daughter is a beautiful yet heart wrenching depiction of Tim's life of adversity, triumph and tragedy. It is a sequel to his book "We named her Faith" which captured how he overcame childhood adversity after being born with multiple birth defects and addiction to drugs and alcohol, when he turned his life over to Jesus. Tim married Michelle and after 16 years they adopted Faith, a beautiful child born with downs syndrome. Tim obtained the "American Dream". That dream was shattered when Michelle, his beloved wife of 23 years, passed away suddenly. Tim and Faith's life changed forever. Tim was left to raise Faith, a 6 year old special needs child. Tim did not succumb to bitterness and despair. He again turned to his heavenly father and gained the strength to comfort Faith and continue to point her the Jesus . As you read this book you will be inspired and encouraged. You will not be able to put it down, and like me, you will look forward to Tim's next book. Tim and Faith's story continues.

George on Goodreads wrote:

Really touching story of an amazing family that went through everything that life could throw at them and came out strong. If you want a story about how the grace of God is sufficient for every situation, I would recommend this book.

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