Last to Leave Home : Our Special Brother, Their Special Child


Carolyn S. Baker

Last To Leave Home
Editions:Hardcover: $ 11.46
ISBN: 0979178401
Pages: 192

What happens when aging parents can no longer care for their loved one with special needs? Both touching and humorous recollections are interspersed with sage advice for families who have children or adults with special needs. Look in to the life of Mark, a 53-year-old man with Down syndrome, to see how his aging parents struggled with his care amidst their own challenges. Parents of children with special needs face the daunting reality that there will come a time when they are physically unable to provide care. Last to Leave Home is a testament to the fact that your're not alone. One family's living tribute blends the warm personal story with some basic techinical reference material.

Reviews:Janet Gillispie on Amazon wrote:

This book could have been written about my son. He has downs also and the similarities are unbelieveable. The book was written with such love, Mark was so lucky to be born into this family. Great book, I highly recommend it. I laughed and cried while reading. Thank you such a wonderful book.

Joan M. Lange on Amazon wrote:

Last to Leave Home is a beautiful tale of family ties. As Mark, who has Down Syndrome, progresses through each accomplishment to a more independent life, his family is there to support and congratulate his achievements.

So many moments in the book are memorable and fascinating to ponder...Mark in his first long-distance underwater swim (I can do that!), Mark coming to the microphone to say "thanks" at his party, or the closing image of Mark's wallet (did those dollars signify accomplishments and independence?).

And then there is the theme of how many family members have been drawn to a vocation of working with individuals with special needs (such as the author's daughter). This book is rich on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your brother with me and touching my heart with a true sense of joy and admiration for individuals who have special needs and the special families who bond.

Joan Lange
Pope John Paul II High School
Hendersonville, TN

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