Just for Matt: A Story About Life, Love, and Down syndrome


JoAnn Breitling

Just for Matt
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99
Pages: 118

The story of the Breitling family continues as Matthew Breitling has grown up! He is now 31 years old, some of his sisters have married, and he is Uncle Matthew to four nieces and nine nephews! It is the Breitling's wish to continue to share their very personal story to help others. Matthew was diagnosed with Achalasia in 2013, and again, they almost lost him. But Matthew is such a gentle spirit, and yet he is a fighter! He survived in 2013 and he continues to be an inspiration to all who meet him!

Reviews:Annie on Amazon wrote:

Love this story of about a family of 7 siblings, 6 girls and 1 boy with Down Syndrome! Inspirational and very real, down to earth. Everyone needs to read this book!

My2Cents on Amazon wrote:

A true tale of a family and their love for Matthew, who was born with Down Syndrome. Definitely a good read for anyone interested in the lives of those with Down Syndrome. Shocking revelations of what it was like to have had a child with Down Syndrome before people were willing to talk about it. Also, if you have read or seen "The Memory Keeper's Daughter, this would be a great read for you as well.

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