From Here To Home (A Too Much, Texas Novel Book 2) 


Marie Bostwick

From Here To Home
Part of the Too Much Texas series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 8.99
ISBN: 1617736570
Pages: 368
Paperback: $ 12.73
ISBN: 1617736570
Pages: 368
Audiobook: $ 14.95

A successful quilter worries about a new rival—and a newly independent son—in a novel by the New York Times-bestselling author of Between Heaven and Texas.

Mary Dell Templeton prefers the quiet, quirky charms of Too Much, Texas to the bright lights of Dallas any day. She's relieved to be moving back to her hometown--and bringing her cable TV show, Quintessential Quilting, with her. There are just a couple of wrinkles in her plan. Her son, Howard, who is her talented co-host and color consultant, and happens to have Down syndrome, wants to stay in Dallas and become more independent. Meanwhile, Mary Dell's new boss hopes to attract a different demographic--by bringing in a younger co-host.

What Holly Silva knows about quilting wouldn't fill a thimble, but she's smart and ambitious. Her career hinges on outshining the formidable Mary Dell in order to earn her own show. Yet as Holly adapts to small-town living and begins a new romance, and Mary Dell considers rekindling an old one, the two find unlikely kinship. For as Mary Dell knows, the women of Too Much have a knack for untangling the knottiest problems when they work together. And sometimes the pattern for happiness is as simple and surprising as it is beautiful…

"Marie Bostwick is my go-to author…always powerful, inspiring, and uplifting." –Robyn Carr, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"A brilliant storyteller." --Las Vegas Review-Journal 

Reviews:Jana P. Leonard on Amazon wrote:

We first met Mary Dell and her son, Howard, in the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop books; then we learned of their history in Between Heaven and Texas, we learned their history, the troubles and triumphs that made them the solid, loving people they are. In From Here to Home, their story moves forward. We get to see how their family grew up and changed. Although Mary Dell has carved out a successful happy life for herself and her son, as happens with most of us, something changes, or several something's change, leading her to wonder how she will manage faced with new difficulties on the career front, the Too Much front, and, most importantly with her son, Howard. Howard, born with Down's Syndrome, has grown to be a man who would make any mother proud, but he has grown into a man and feels the need for independence. Mary Dell has focused so much energy on him and now has to let him live his own she begins this adjustment and starts to look to a new life with a new love, her world threatens to come crashing down as Howard faces a life-threatening illness. Ms. Bostwick has once again given us familiar characters we love, facing life head on, and introduces us to new characters whose lives are woven into the fabric of Too Much, Texas. This book, like her others, draws the reader in so much that you hate to reach the end, and you can't wait to come back and visit these wonderful characters again!

Nancy E. Weller on Amazon wrote:

All of Marie Bostwick books are great, but this one was especially enjoyable. I especially liked how she brought the down syndrome condition that so many of our friends and family are diagnosed with and how blessed these people are with how productive and talented they are and are capable of caring for themselves. Would suggest reading this book to everyone.

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