For The Love of Oscar


Sarah Roberts

For The Love of Oscar
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99Paperback: $ 15.08
ISBN: 1913094014
Pages: 256

An open and honest account of a first-time mum, except things for Sarah didn't pan out the way she imagined they would. When Oscar was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, Sarah had to come to terms with her new normal. How, for a while, she grieved for the baby she always believed and hoped she'd have and how she suddenly found herself on a different path to the one she'd always seen herself on. For the Love of Oscar will take you on a journey of the very raw and real emotions she experienced, a journey both heart-warming and funny in parts. She talks candidly about the ups and downs of not only parenthood but also parenting a child who happens to have additional needs. About people's attitudes towards her and her child and the ridiculous things some say. She talks about the choices she faced when she made the decision she'd like to go on and have more children. The hospital appointments, the therapy sessions, the mountains of paperwork, the tantrums, the tears and the really stinky nappies.

Reviews:Bobbi Olivett on Amazon wrote:

I have followed Sarah's blog and facebook page for a few years. I have a little boy with Down Syndrome and Sarah's honest stories about her experience raising Oscar are wonderful. It is nice to have her share with the world how wonderful having a child with Down syndrome really is. She has touched so many lives and is an inspiration to many.

Kayleigh on Goodreads wrote:

Cried and laughed multiple times while reading this book. My son is four and autistic but I could relate to so much of this mums story. The feelings after diagnosis, the exhaustion of bringing up a child with additional needs, the stress, the worry, trying to get them into the right school, dealing with ignorant people, feeling alone when other mums can sit and have a coffee while their kids play but you have to climb on all the equipment with your kid, dealing with communication problems and so on. But all the positives as well, how they communicate with their peers in their own way, how tenacious they are, how they do totally random things like pour sugar on your kitchen floor for fun! I loved the cute pictures of the kids in the middle of the book.

Knocking a star off Cos the book editor needs sacked, I’m a grammar nazi and there were so many mistakes! Didn’t take away from the story though!

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