Down (Syndrome) But Not Out


Joyce Sampson

Down (Syndrome) But Not Out
Editions:Paperback: $ 72.95
ISBN: 1414108060
Pages: 108

A chronicle of Craig's journey through life with Down syndrome, as he and his parents face medical, social, educational and vocational challenges with patience, persistence, humor, and a loving God.

Reviews:DawnLowenstein on Amazon wrote:

I have a number of books featuring people with this chromosomal-genetic disorder and I have really found it very interesting to read about people who can touch the lives of others by learning to work through their challenge(s)-in whatever way they can! It takes ME longer to learn to do things, too, as I sustained neurological damage because of congenital hypothyroidism. I'd found it easier to be empathetic with people who have sustained developmental delays as I was in that same situation! Dawn E. Lowenstein

Kim on Goodreads wrote:

One of our Board members gave this to all the staff. It is written by the mother of a child with Down syndrome. It is a super quick read and very helpful to hear her family's journey and their experiences.

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