Down Syndrome, Blessed with ThisAbility: Now Imagine Life without Me


Craig Woodard Sr

Down Syndrome Blessed with ThisAbility
Editions:Kindle: $ 6.44Paperback: $ 6.12
ISBN: 1645598322
Pages: 68

Down Syndrome, Blessed with ThisAbility, Now Imagine Life without Me is a book that portrays seven different families that share their experiences of their children who were blessed with Down syndrome. Parents, if you have received a diagnosis of Down syndrome, this book is a must read. These unique journeys will touch your heart and uncloud your future.

These angels chose us to be their parents, and this book will show you that your special journey has just begun. If you have ever wondered what it's like giving birth to or adopting a child with Down syndrome, this book will take you on a special ride and leave you wanting to continue that unique path you are currently on.

Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Inspiring little treatise, very helpful.

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