Down But Not Out


Elizabeth Berns

Down But Not Out
Editions:Paperback: $ 12.31
ISBN: 1877368016
Pages: 128

Down But Not Out is a true account of the life of a girl who has Down syndrome. It is a story that offers a fascinating and revealing insight into Lee's joys and trials as she moves through her childhood years and develops into a young adult. Through conversations and interviews with Lee's parents, teachers, siblings, friends, and with Lee herself, the author sensitively explores the everyday realities and boundaries of a girl with Down syndrome.

What happens when the limitations imposed by Down syndrome are combined with the usual fluctuations of teenage hormones? How much real understanding does Lee have of herself, her needs, and of her surroundings? How does she respond to praise or criticism? What does she think about growing up, interacting with other people, getting a job and having a boyfriend?

These are just some of the questions that are asked in Down But Not Out. The answers are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, often surprising and always insightful. This is a story from the heart that will both entertain and educate anyone with an interest in Down syndrome.

Reviews:Naftaly Liebman on Amazon wrote:

This book was a surprise and discovery for me. I have friends with Down children in the family and was sad and sorry for their tragedy, but Elizabeth Berns's book made me realise that there is "life after Down", that one can be still happy and love this child as any other.

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