Don’t Sing Any Sad Songs: A Down Syndrome Daughter’s Joyful Journey


Rosalie Icenhower 

Dont Sing Any Sad Songs
Editions:Paperback: $ 40.00
ISBN: 1893162834
Pages: 152

A biography that shows the strength within Down syndrome children, as well to the power of putting trust in God. A story of discovery, challenge, and joy unfolds as she continues to lead a full and independent life.

Reviews:D. H. on Amazon wrote:

This is a delightful book. I will never see a Down Syndrome person the same again. My forced concerned will now be a smile. The part of me that did not understand is now ready and able to embrace and accept all children as precious gifts from God. Although this book teaches, it is not heavy reading. It reads like a story. Each line entices you to the next. At the end, I was wishing for more. This is a story of an average, normal family whose love for the Lord gave them the courage and strength to accept their precious daughter the way the Lord handed her to them and prepare her for a life that would touch us all. Thank you, Rosalie!

Avntgarde on Amazon wrote:

Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2006
once again it's really unfortunate that the author, who wrote a nice little book, used such old fashioned terminology by putting the "Down syndrome" in front of her daughter.

A person is a person FIRST and having Down syndrome is secondary to that, and should always come after the PERSON.

So, please don't say Down syndrome person, Down syndrome baby or daughter or whatever.

Our children are children FIRST. They just also happen to have DS...but it doesn't define them.

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