Angel Behind the Rocking Chair: Stories of Hope in Unexpected Places


Pam Vredevelt

Angel Behind the Rocking Chair
Editions:Paperback: $ 22.49
ISBN: 157673644X
Pages: 192
Hardcover: $ 27.95
ISBN: 0783890079

After the loss of her first baby and the birth of a fourth child with Down Syndrome, Pam Vredevelt felt that she had fallen from God's grasp. As she was soon to discover, however, God was just beginning to hold her tight and lead the way out of her endless pit of despair. With humor and touching insight, Pam unveils her struggle to emerge from darkness into the light in this paperback release of her popular work. Many have been touched by the same anguish; Pam shares their stories and how the supernatural touch of God sustained them through the darkest days of life.

Reviews:Teresa Perdue on Amazon wrote:

This book was given to me when our son with down syndrome was born. I absolutely loved it. I'm not a big reader. I have bought this book and given it as a gift several times to teachers and other parents.

Nancy on Goodreads wrote:

Really uplifting and no matter how bad you have it or think you have it, someone else is going thru something that is worse. Doesn't matter if you have a special needs child to read this, its for everyone that wants to read something uplifting...

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