A Very Special Gift: A story about life and Translocation Down Syndrome


Gennifer A Lendahl-Gonzales

A Very Special Gift
Editions:Kindle: $ 7.99
ISBN: 1483987353
Pages: 69
Paperback: $ 8.34
ISBN: 1483987353
Pages: 68

Most people think Down Syndrome is Down Syndrome and that's it or they know what the features are but don't really know what it is. In fact there is more than one type. This is a book about a mothers experience with Translocation Down Syndrome. It will make you laugh, cry and educate you on the challenges and blessings this syndrome brings.

Reviews:Leslie Green on Amazon wrote:

I opened it, read it, then cried! Loved it from start to finish. Cant wait for volume II. More pics! Love the pictures of Jake!

We must remember that this book is about Gennifer and Jake. This is her experience, through her eyes. This is not a book about "Jakes father." Its interesting that Deb feels the need to defend "Jakes father" in a mile long comment on Amazon...that SPEAKS volumes. Its also interesting that she was not present and did not know "Jakes father" when these life experiences took place....SPEAKS volumes.
Its also funny that a person would seek a cease and desist order against someone that they feel is harrassing them only to turn around and buy their book...that SPEAKS volumes.
Last but not least why does Deb feel the need to give us her resume? Im confused. Also note I was there when the tattoo was removed. I was there when the jewelry was in his posession. I was there when "Jakes father" wheedled his way into lowering child support so Gigi could move to Sacramento. I was present when he would call her nasty names. I was also there when "Jakes father" would abandon his responsibilities in regards to money and visitation. P.S. in regards to D&L Interiors...that stood for Don and Leslie and he made tons of cash working under the radar. Someday when Debs relationship with Don is over maybe we can all go have lunch! Have a nice day!

patti n on Amazon wrote:

I so enjoyed this book ... it was filled with love, humor, despair and hope. Jake is so lucky (as is her other son Josh) to have a Mom that loves them, simply loves them and takes what life has to offer one step at a time. I have had other friends with Downs children and did not know that there are more than one kind .. never knew that. I have such repect for those who chose to love their children and simply try their best to give them a good life. Thanks Gennifer for the "great little read" and for sharing your life with all it's bumps, good and bad, with us!!

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