The Up Side of Downs


Lisa Palermo Matto

The Up Side of Downs
Editions:Kindle: $ 7.99Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: 979-8597442587
Pages: 172

The Up Side of Downs is a fun, laugh out loud, tug on your heart strings book, about a girl named Marlee, who happens to have Down syndrome. Don’t get stuck on the diagnosis – that’s not the storyline. Marlee leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. She is a lovable heroine who mischievously leads the book’s cast of characters into hilarious predicaments the reader will not soon forget. It is an easy read with vivid dialogue and short vignettes. Tuesdays with Morrie style. It’s for all audiences and all ages. It is not about Down syndrome or parenting a child. It is a compilation of funny, touching stories that celebrates inclusion, family, neighbors, and community. It is sure to make you laugh, cry, and feel better about the world. The memoir, penned by her mother Lisa, takes the reader back to when the Matto family was about to grow from a party of 3 to a party of 4. Marlee arrived with the usual delivery room fanfare. Ten minutes would pass before the doctor would explain to her parents, Lisa and Dave, that she had a condition known as Down’s syndrome. His words hung in the air. What did this mean? Marlee didn’t seem different from any other baby they had ever seen. It was in that moment they decided there would be no limits placed on her. Marlee exceeded all expectations that were related to her diagnosis in her first three years. Charts designed to keep track of milestones for children with Down’s were shattered. Marlee approaches every day with excitement and enthusiasm, although her zest for life has gotten herself and family into some sidesplitting, sticky situations. Marlee lives her life in the moment with purpose and grace. Her authenticity inspires everyone around her to be better.

Reviews:Caroline M. on Amazon wrote:

This book is the story of a family with a daughter that has Down's Syndrome and how their life changed the day she was born. It tells the funny stories of life with Marlee and how she could brighten anyone's day with her innocence and love of life. It is a light and easy read that will make you smile. I laughed and cried and had chills running down my spine as I read. With the negativity and difficult times we are living in today, this story will cheer you up and warm your heart!

Delinda on Goodreads wrote:

A very quick read about a girl named Marlee that was born with Down syndrome. The book is about all the relationships that Marlee has with her family, neighbors, and friends. It is about the positive side of Marlee and the joy she brings into the lives of those around her. I smiled a lot, while reading this. I would definitely recommend reading this, if you know or have known someone that is differently abled.

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