I’m Staying at Richard’s: Raising the Exceptional Son I Never Expected


Bernadette Agius

I'm Staying at Richards
Editions:Kindle: $ 12.99Paperback: $ 9.34
ISBN: 1501174568
Pages: 176

This inspiring, heartfelt, and powerful memoir by a mother of a child with Down syndrome explores the incredible blessings and challenges of raising a child with disabilities.

When Bernadette Agius—an ambitious career-focused woman—became pregnant, she imagined her unborn child attending the best schools and dazzling everyone with his impressive wit, charm, and intelligence. But when the doctors placed her baby boy in her arms and told Bernadette he had Down syndrome, those dreams instantly disappeared.

While her first impulse was to fight against this new reality, she soon found the strength to become the champion her son, Richard, would need and deserved. With the help of her husband and a newfound village of professionals, Bernadette forged a new life, discovering along the way that everyone has a different version of normal. Ultimately Richard, now thirty, was able to defy expectation and become an independent adult.

Grounded in love, offering a message of hope, and told with humor and honesty, I’m Staying at Richard’s shines a light on the fierce, unwavering love of a mother for her son.

Reviews:Kathryn Andersen on Amazon wrote:

Bernadette writes with honesty and humor about the joys and challenges she has experienced since her son was born. Richard has Down syndrome. Their story is about love, respecting choices, encouraging choices and the importance of family - in whatever form this takes. Richard's life is full, happy and so is his Mum's. Their story shows what is possible when family and community come together to support those who need extra help, and how we all benefit when we allow everyone to enrich our lives. A joy to read and an inspiration to us all.

Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling on Goodreads wrote:

My View:
This is a very powerful story of unconditional love. Reading this memoir felt a lot like stepping into somebody else’s shoes and for that insight I am grateful.

If you want a powerful, heartening, optimistic and joyful (mostly) story about finding your path and yourself when life throws the totally unexpected at you, read this poignant story.

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