Her Eyes Are Blue: The Journey of a Special Needs Mother


Jacqueline Kuschel

Her Eyes Are Blue
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99Paperback: $ 7.99
ISBN: 1508834326
Pages: 152

A stress-ridden pregnancy full of sudden turns. A traumatic birth. A surprise diagnosis. Open-heart surgery on a two-month-old. When she was handed a very unexpected life wrapped in a pink and blue stripped hospital blanket, Jacqueline Kuschel learned to heal and fall in love with her new life, all against the backdrop of the tumultuous life as the wife of a law school student.

Her Eyes Are Blue, author Jacqueline’s debut work, is a true story that promises to be candid and eloquently written. Captivating narrative and emotional descriptions make for an engaging read that begs to have its pages turned.

Reviews:Cindy Southern on Amazon wrote:

The author reveals such a range of emotions that all of us as parents would feel in her footsteps. I "felt" the frustration, depression and mama bear fight the author describes in her writing. As a reader thank you for sharing the beginning if your journey. As a former teacher, a mom and grandmother I applaud your strength to fight for your daughter. As a person, I am appalled & ashamed at how hard we have to fight the systems we encounter in life, for ourselves and others.

Cindy on Goodreads wrote:

A courageous story of one mother's honest approach to her struggle, fear and heartbreak. Yet, through it all she continues to fight for her daughter with love, hope, and endurance. Very elegantly written!

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