Chaya’s Angels: A Spiritual Journey with Down Syndrome


Chaya Ben Baruch 

Chayas Angels
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99Paperback: $ 22.37
ISBN: 0963479105
Pages: 130

When Chaya Ben Baruch gave birth to her sixth child, a son with Down syndrome, she led her family on a spiritual journey, moving from Alaska to Israel and adopting more children with special needs, on the way. The reader will learn detailed and vital information about raising these beautiful souls: the joys and demands, along with unconditional parental love, that allows these children to thrive and to glow. Whether Chaya is watching her son with Downs marry her adopted daughter with Downs, or fighting for the rights of all special needs children, life is never dull. Chaya even found time to donate a kidney, leaving everyone to wonder, “What’s next?” Ghandi wrote: “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest.” Join Chaya and her family on their enchanting odyssey. The world needs this heart-rending story, more than ever!

Reviews:EG Reality Press on Amazon wrote:

After reading Chaya's Angels, I was brought back to my memories of working and caring for adults and children with Down Syndrome. What came back so profoundly was their purity of heart, with no hidden agenda other than love. They give so much of themselves and are truly a blessing for those fortunate to know them. That was the biggest lesson for me. Even though I am a senior now, I would openly take care, spend time in whatever capacity to be with these angels. They make you open your heart because they are already open waiting for your
love. Yes, Chaya has a big heart, her rewards were love and more love from these enlightened people.
The wedding Of Avichi and Kirin made me cry. Two people with Down Syndrome overcame other's people's opinions of how they should live their lives. Chaya recognized this. They are pioneers forging ahead, teaching us that love need no limitations.. Trust the power of love. Humanity needs a reminder of our own potential for love and to share it.

Laurie Rappeport on Amazon wrote:

After reading this book you'll never struggle again with the question "should these children be born?" Differently-abled people have as much right to be here as anyone else and maybe more --- as the story shows us, they teach us way more than we teach them. Spirituality doesn't have to mean going out on a mountaintop to sit in also means making the world a better place. That message comes through loud and clear.

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