Beauty Exposed: Captivating Stories of Life With Siblings Who Have Down Syndrome


Chloe Michelle Goulding

Beauty Exposed
Editions:Paperback: $ 9.95
ISBN: 1500308498
Pages: 146

A collection of captivating stories of life with siblings who have Down Syndrome. These stories will enrich your heart and mind to hear these siblings share their stories and challenge you to look and love people with Down syndrome.

Reviews:Renee Harris on Amazon wrote:

I am so impressed with Chloe Goulding as the author of this amazing book. I was choking back tears as I read through it. Every life is important, and the siblings of the kids talked about in this book best express what life is really like living with what the rest of society feels are second class citizens. I had no idea that so many children are aborted when the parents realize their pre-born child has Down syndrome. This is a must-read for those parents, because life's lessons are taught through these babies who grow up to be impactful adults. Thank you to Chloe and all the writer's who took the time to share their stories in this book. What a treasure.

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

This book is truly honest and heartfelt about stories with children and adults with Down Syndrome!! It will make you laugh and cry! It truly amazes me that someone so young could put such a wonderful book together!!! Love the title!!!

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