A Minor Adjustment


Andy Merriman

A Minor Adjustment
Editions:Kindle: $ 5.00
Pages: 185
Paperback: $ 44.11

Sarah Merriman is six year's old, conventionally naughty and enchanting by turns, and a radio star. But unconventionally, she has Down's syndrome.

The story of her life so far is also the story of how a hurricane hit the whole Merriman family and how they've not only weathered it but come to cherish it. Andy Merriman, Sarah's father, is the co-author of the highly praised BBC Radio 4 series, Minor Adjustment, in which Sarah plays a character based on herself.

Reviews:Steve on Goodreads wrote:

This was a fascinating and inspiring account of parents welcoming a child with Down's Syndrome into their lives. The book's biggest strength comes from the startlingly honest views of the author (and wife) about their feelings after Sarah was born and how their emotions have developed since then. Their positivity and drive shines through their story but I was struck by their frankness when talking about the confusion and apprehension they feel about the future. There are no solutions to resolving these emotions but the support that Sarah receives and the progress that she has made by the age of 5 is extremely encouraging.

Ms Joanna E Shirley on Amazon wrote:

Well written and gives a good insight into raising a child with Down's syndrome. Both moving and funny.

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