Writing with Grace: A Journey Beyond Down Syndrome


Judy McFarlane

Writing with Grace
Editions:Paperback: $ 15.92
ISBN: 1771620250
Pages: 208

When Judy McFarlane is asked if she will help Grace, a woman with Down syndrome who dreams of becoming a famous writer, she realizes she holds deep, unacknowledged fears — that Grace will be a dull-eyed young woman who can’t read, let alone write, or that she might become agitated, even lash out. But the idea that Grace wants to be a writer, a dream McFarlane gave up when she was young, captures McFarlane. She helps Grace write her book and travels with Grace to give a copy of the book to her grandfather. Writing with Grace is the inspiring and informative story of the journey Grace and Judy have taken together. It relates the often-dark history of Down syndrome and tells a universal story of moving from a deep fear of the “other” to seeing the world through the eyes of another person. With honest introspection and keen insight, Writing with Grace delves into what it takes to face one’s own prejudice and what it means to live a full life and believe you are worthy.

Reviews: J. Kuriappilly on Amazon wrote:

Very empathic and compassionate outlook towards people with disabilities. Thought provoking and and realistic events will open your eyes and question your own self worth and how we each one can make the difference in the lives of the many who are challenged in different ways but at the same time human being just like you and me who loves to be loved and to love.

Cathryn Wellner on Goodreads wrote:

Judy McFarlane's honesty, combined with good writing, kicks this up to five stars for me. I have felt that same quandary, unsure how to keep from putting my foot in my mouth when I mean to be friendly and open. When asked to work with Grace, a young woman who aches to become a famous writer and who has Down syndrome, McFarlane faces her own demons.

The result of her decision to say yes is this wonderful book, a memoir that explores the broader issues of not only Down syndrome but also of being a society that truly embraces what everyone brings to the human rainbow. My mind feels larger for having read it.

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