Wrap Your Heart Around It: A Memoir About Learning to Love the Life You Have


LynnMarie Rink

Wrap Your Heart Around It
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99Paperback: $ 11.21
ISBN: 1618688480
Pages: 192

Grammy-nominated artist and television professional LynnMarie Rink spent her whole life running from the one thing that could save her–herself.

When TV production professional and Grammy-nominated artist LynnMarie Rink and her husband finally decided to start a family, her worst fears were realized when the doctor told them their baby would be born with Down syndrome.  With humor and untamed honesty, Wrap Your Heart Around It is a memoir revealing LynnMarie’s unique take on some heavy topics like depression, Down syndrome and co-dependency. She shares her belief that we are all special needs adults and that we all have wounds and behaviors that can either hinder or help us. LynnMarie’s strength and conviction shows the reader that they too can discover what keeps them stuck in their destructive patterns, understand why they feel they can’t get let go of fear and hurt and move forward in their own lives, how they can untangle their messes, and live in the now.

Reviews: Hanna Sturwold on Amazon wrote:

A powerful and truthful look on life. While reading, I couldn't help but connect to countless experiences that Lynn has gone through. While writing, her humble honesty shines through as she reveals her true feelings, emotions, and experiences. Because of this, readers are able to connect with her. This is the power that successful storytelling holds. It takes a strong person to be able to share her life, her imperfections, perfections, and wrong-doings and right-doings of people who have entered her life. Truly beautiful. A must read.

Becky on Goodreads wrote:

raw, truthful, and witty.

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