Who Will Love Me


Kaleen Marshall

Who Will Love Me
Editions:Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: 1733524606

Transitions are never easy. Especially if you are the caregiver of a child, teen, or adult with a disability. Who Will Love me invites you along on one women's journey of finding hope and joy through the process of becoming the unexpected caregiver of her sister with Down syndrome after the sudden death of their mother. Open your mind and heart and you will find yourself taking steps toward healing, embracing growth, and even discovering new possibilities as you surrender limitations for yourself, your family, and even your loved one with a disability.

Reviews: Eileen Ahrens on Amazon wrote:

Excellent book!

Elizabeth on Amazon wrote:

If you are struggling with the care of a disabled loved one, this book is for you. Kayleen Marshall's book excels at breaking down the obstacles to making a successful plan for the care of a disabled loved one. From her own personal experience of being left alone to sort out the immediate and long term care of her disabled sister, she navigates with her readers how she went from confusion to clarity and hope. She provides a practical step by step guide for making sure that your loved one's future is happy and secure. The book also contains thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter to assist in family discussions and decisionmaking.

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