Welcome to the Great Mysterious


Lorna Landvik

Welcome to the Great Mysterious
Editions:Kindle: $ 11.99
Pages: 354
Hardcover: $ 4.51
ISBN: 0345438817
Paperback: $ 8.27

“[A] sweet, funny story . . . as good as Patty Jane’s House of Curl.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune

Megastar of stage, screen, and television, Geneva Jordan now has a command performance in Minnesota, where she agrees to look after her thirteen-year-old nephew, a boy with Down’s syndrome, while his parents take a long-overdue vacation. Though Geneva and her sister, Ann, are as different as night and day (“I being night, of course, dark and dramatic”), Geneva remembers she had a family before she had a star on her door. But so accustomed is she to playing the lead, finding herself a supporting actress in someone else’s life is strange and unexplored territory. Then the discovery of an old scrapbook that she and her sister created long ago starts her thinking of things beyond fame. For The Great Mysterious is a collection of thoughts and feelings dedicated to answering life’s big questions—far outside the spotlight’s glow. . . .

Reviews:docholden on Amazon wrote:

I am a big fan of Landvik. In her other books, she has written about difficult situations with a great sense of humor mixed in with poignant insights from the characters. Other reviewers in this list detail the story in The Great Mysterious and I found it to be pretentious and the main character to be quite shallow and unappealing. That is unlike her other characters. She typically writes of flawed people who have a number of redeeming qualities. It was hard to like Geneva, the main character in this book. She is self-serving and quite selfish and has little insight into how her behavior impacts others. It's only in the last few chapters of the book that she begins to find herself and yet, it was hard to see how she really was growing in her sense of herself or doing just what was the most convenient. I am a true fan of the author and having read all her other books, I found this one to be less than I expected-- and the least likable of them all. Try reading one of her others first. She is a great author and I'm still a fan....just won't rush to buy the hard cover next time!

Angela on Goodreads wrote:

Good, sweet and happy. Loving family plays a big part and I love that about Landvik's books. I love that Rich, who has down syndrome, doesn't feel like an exaggerated caricature of "a kid with Down's" but just himself who happens to have Down's.

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