Up Syndrome: It’s all about the attitude (Redefining Down Syndrome)


Megan Abner 

Up Syndrome
Pages: 98
Paperback: $ 9.50
ISBN: 0989123502
Pages: 98

In this autobiographical account of living with an extra chromosome, Megan Abner shares stories of her adventures in traveling (from Los Angeles to Graceland to New York City and in between), childhood encounters with bullies and heartache, the family that has loved and supported her since the day she was born, and how she has come to redefine "Down Syndrome" as "Up Syndrome." Megan's depiction of her journey of turning a "disability" into a "different ability" is funny, poignant and, above all, honest. Her story is an inspiration to not only a child with Up Syndrome, but to anyone who has experienced life's "ups" and "downs."

Reviews:Nigel F. on Amazon wrote:

Wonderfully written, honest and frank with more smiles than tears.

Deedee on Goodreads wrote:

This was interesting primarily because I know the young woman who wrote it as well as her mother. As you might expect from an author with Down Syndrome, the writing is simple and somewhat disjointed, but it's a charming story by an admirable young woman who is doing remarkably well despite her limitations.

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