Up: A Love Letter to the Down Syndrome Community


Ashley Asti

Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99Paperback: $ 14.95
ISBN: 979-8673862384
Pages: 197

A nourishing little book that will touch your heart and lift you up. “I am blessed to call myself one of the lucky few,” Ashley writes, referring to those whose lives and families have been touched by Down syndrome. “I don’t have a sibling or a child or an aunt with Down syndrome…I’ve been brought into the Down syndrome community by friendship.” An unexpected friendship led Ashley into the Down syndrome community and into the world of a nonprofit serving families of new babies with Down syndrome. This has “moved me, changed me, helped me bloom,” Ashley writes. And, so, she has put together this book, this “love letter,” a collection of six stories that feature the lives of people with Down syndrome and those who love them. But these are not just Down syndrome stories. They are human stories, stories of life lived in different shades, with fullness, with heart, through tragedy and back up, again. Shared with love, may these stories leave you feeling nourished, connected, and a little more up.


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