Unrequited love


Yvonne A Weems

Unrequited Love
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
ISBN: 0984066071
Pages: 326

Shavon and Tracy share a love no one can deny, and they are surely destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Tracy, an up and coming writer at Classic Magazine, wants to provide for his future with Shavon which means accepting a promotion and moving from Detroit to New York. With success comes sacrifice and unfortunately his family and friends--especially Shavon--get the short end of the stick. So consumed with work and getting his writing career off the ground, he is unaware of the wedge that he has driven between them.

Shavon loves Tracy completely and continues to fulfill her promise of love no matter how bad things seem to be. They had gone through changes before and survived, but this time was different. She needed him now more than ever. In her darkest hour, she faces her pain without him. Will Shavon find it in her heart to forgive and forget? Will Tracy be able to penetrate her unrequited love?

Reviews:Ilene on Amazon wrote:

I couldn't finish the first chapter. It was more like reading an unfinished outline instead of an actual book. I kept telling myself it will get better but in all honesty it was worse. Luckily I didn't pay for it or I would have been furious! It does have potential but should be removed and thoroughly refined. Please don't waste your money on this book. It is frustrating, a waste of time, and makes absolutely no sense.

bookjunky#7 on Amazon wrote:

If this is indeed a teen or young person, I apologize. But that being said, I would have to rage at the idiot who approved it for publishing. The story is intriguing and characters have a lot to offer, but the author neglects them in favor of telling us what they ate for dinner, or what color lipstick she chose to wear, instead of giving details to an important part of the story. As others have said, a dictionary would be helpful for the reader as well as the writer, because truly some choices did not make sense. I will watch for future books from this author, so I can avoid them like the plague!

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