Uninterrupted Joy: My Journey Through Infertility, Pregnancy, and Special Needs


Christi Caldwell

Uninterrupted Joy
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 114

The following journey was never intended for publication. It was written from a mother, to her unborn child. The words detailed her struggle through infertility and the joy of finally being pregnant. A stunning revelation at her son's birth opened a world of both fear and discovery. This is the story of one mother's love and hope and... her quest for uninterrupted joy.

Reviews:Ktine on Amazon wrote:

So many thing we’re just so right. She was able to put into words what I’ve known for the past 25 years. Having a loved one with Down Syndrome is the most the beautiful thing in life. There are hard times, especially In the beginning. But the way she is able to go through it minute by minute almost makes you feel you right there and not alone.

Patricia on Goodreads wrote:

I have only the deepest admiration for someone who can go ahead and share something so intensely personal and poignant as a difficult pregnancy. This book chronicles a personal journey, and documents a deep and abiding love between a man and a woman, of parents for an as-yet unborn child, and a faith in a compassionate God.
I recommend it to anyone struggling to get through a "rest in bed" pregnancy. it may give you strength to face time. It will certainly show you how one family coped. And succeeded.

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