The Ups in Downs: Our Funny, Surprising, Crazy Life with Luke, Our Down Syndrome Son


Rene Aiello

The Ups in Downs
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99Paperback: $ 7.95
ISBN: 1479387754
Pages: 60

Rene Aiello's friends always ask to hear a funny story about her Down Syndrome son, Luke. He's an extraordinary young man who's rubbed elbows with celebrities, won weight-lifting competitions and worked hard. More than anything, he's touched the people around him with his heartfelt honesty, which often leads to hilarious moments. Those chuckles and a big dose of hope can be find in Aiello's true stories in "The Ups in Downs."

Reviews:Betty Jean on Amazon wrote:

I know and love Luke and his family. This book is a compilation of so many of my favorite stories about the adventures they have had. It is the perfect quick humorous read at the holidays or anytime you need a lift.

Juanita on Amazon wrote:

I enjoyed the book very much, thought Luke's antics were amusing. I personally know Luke, and it was great to see his life in a book form.

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