The Sun in My Heart: A Memoir of a Mother and Her Son Who has Down syndrome


Peter Rowe

The Sun in my Heart
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99Paperback: $ 4.29
ISBN: 0645029807
Pages: 226

The relentless struggles Betty Rowe endured in her life on the land from the 1950s, raising six children, one with Down syndrome, served to prepare her for the even bigger challenge that lay ahead: the challenge of helping her now adult son Peter find his voice at last and speak out against those who thought he had no voice. Peter Rowe became the whistleblower on one of the worst cases of institutional sexual and emotional abuse in Queensland, perhaps in Australia. Today, Peter, despite his disability, is a professional artist, poet and author, living a fulfilling life thanks in no small measure to Betty's faith and unfaltering love.

Reviews:Karen Forshaw on Amazon wrote:

I read the book and was compelled to finish it was hard to put it down. In some parts disgusted at how his abusers treated him. But other carers were scared to speak and allow it to continue. Peter is a very strong willed man and I wish him all the best for the future.

julie hall on Amazon wrote:

I read this book as seen on facebook. Someone I knew in Australia a lawyer who forwarded the book which has been published 3 days ago. It's a amazing book which is an emotional rollercoaster of events that Peter Rowe was subject too. A happy ending but awful what he went through and also his family.

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