The Story of Micah


Kathleen J. Perry

The Story of Micah
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99Hardcover: $ 35.95
ISBN: 1512748374
Pages: 260
Paperback: $ 19.95
ISBN: 1512748366
Pages: 260

The Story of Micah, journeys through the life of a boy born with Down syndrome and a life threatening heart defect. Nonetheless, he is able to bring love and hope to a world where many still believe, "If it's broken, throw it away." The mother, who never imagined she would be the one to birth a child with an unexpected outcome, explores the uncertainties of what lay ahead on this unfamiliar road. Micah's body is frail from battling illness throughout the first year of life, causing hope to seem unreachable, as chances for survival wane! Despair attempts to become this mother's companion, putting faith to the ultimate test. However, hope whispers to persevere. Would she direct her gaze toward the crashing waves, or resolve to move forward toward faith?

This tiny boy helps his mother realize, she did not have to be "the perfect mother;" she just needed to persevere, put God first, and do her best! God's plan all along, was to dismantle expectations of human perfection, replacing it with God's love. Through life's battles, Micah becomes a champion, overcoming challenges of life with a steady determination, teaching us to believe the impossible. His life urges us, not to hold back, knock down restrictive walls and rise above the circumstances. Micah's extraordinary gift to us has been a life worth living!

Reviews:Robin Farnsworth on Amazon wrote:

A beautifully written story about the amazing life of Micah and how God faithfully led Micah, his parents and family through this journey of despair and worry to overcoming joy and great victory. Micah's life from birth through to adulthood is a great inspiration. The author, his mother, weaves scripture and God's truth into the fabric of this beautiful life that is far from "broken", as some in the world would see a Down syndrome child, but extraordinarily valuable and precious. You will be glad you "know" Micah through the pages of this book. Well done!

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