The Mural & The Maker


Natalie Falls

The Mural The Maker
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Pages: 78

That moment when you decide, I'm going to be a writer, and all the memories you don't really want to remember flood your mind. But you need the flood because you will come out of it a different person. There will be people who remember with you, and they are grateful for the words that free them from isolation. You are not alone.

For three years I have been writing bittersweet vignettes of motherhood. A compilation of moments I want to freeze, and others, I want out of! Times of devastation, like when I found out my son had Down syndrome. Or that time I knelt on the bathroom floor and cried in agony as I said goodbye to another unborn baby. The days of joy as I found humor from my children. The unexplainable moment when I delivered my daughter in the shower. It's all here.

I am learning to trust in the brush strokes of the Maker. When parts of the painting look awkward, I have to remember that there is a bigger picture. I ask him to help me find beauty in what I don't understand.

The Mural & The Maker is a book of stories that fit into a bigger picture.

Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

So genuine and personal are these words. This is real life with a God of grace who sees us for who we are and yet still loves us. I salute your real honesty as a Mother just trying to do her best each day you are given. Bravo Natalie! Janet Taylor

kpng on Amazon wrote:

refreshingly honest. Its well written, encouraging, and basically free. I found it extremely beneficial to [my] soul and mind. You've got nothing to lose (except maybe a box of Kleenex) by downloading this and spending a few minutes reading through her story.

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