The Flowers Are Dancing: Perspective on Down Syndrome & Life


Michelle L. Moore-Summers

The Flowers Are Dancing
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.99Paperback: $ 15.00
ISBN: 979-8593828712
Pages: 59

This is a book about a girl who has Down syndrome. Written by her mother, it shares her journey from birth to present. Morgan lives in Florida, enjoys being outside, and is an aspiring actress. She wants everyone to know that people with disabilities can do anything they dream of. Morgan wants others to recognize individuals for their unique qualities, rather than a diagnosis.

Reviews:stephanie venable on Amazon wrote:

This book tells about the author's daughter, a special needs child. It is written to enlighten the reader of some of the day to day care that a child with Down's Syndrome requires. The family has provided the child, now 17, with a positive and loving atmosphere, including many travel experiences. I enjoyed following the story of Morgan.

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