The Difference


Justine Delaney Wilson

The Difference
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99
ISBN: 1473625882
Pages: 320
Paperback: $ 43.12

On a January morning, Beth and Steve bring three-day-old Ismae home from the hospital. A little girl to complete their suburban family.
Except Beth knows that Ismae is different. And that, as she gets older and stronger, her difference will become more obvious.
As the future Beth imagined grows even more out of reach, the walls of their vast house close in on her, isolating her from Steve.
Then she makes a terrible discovery ...
Will Ismae's difference break her family apart? Or will Beth be able to see that it's the one thing that can save her?

'Little Ismae is an unforgettable character ... readers will be glad they've met her'

'A novel about one woman's quest for an authentic life. When extraordinary new baby Ismae turns Beth's world inside out, she begins to understand the fierce power of mother-love and, through her daughter, learns to know and trust herself. A moving, convincing story of courage and burgeoning hope' NUALA O'CONNOR, AUTHOR OF MISS EMILY

Reviews:Indy Fan on Amazon wrote:

I was really bored by halfway through

Having read all the glowing reviews, I was looking forward to reading this to maybe challenge my opinions on abortion and the aftermath of what people experience but what a let down!
The only people who seem to make an issue of the Down Syndrome are the little girls parents. Bar a heart surgery episode, there doesn't seem to be any major problems with the child, yet every so often we get a reminder of the girls condition, for no particular reason.
I was really bored by halfway through, but wanted to continue in hopes of improvement. Sadly, the ending was more akin to a chick lit novel which was a big disappointment.

Julie Spratt on Goodreads wrote:

I knew from the title that this would be a book about a child with Down Syndrome. I also knew what the doctors/paedetricians would say when they told Beth the diagnosis. What is sad is that whatever disability a child is born with the words come out the same "I'm sorry". Nobody looks at what the good things could be or that a lot of children with this disability have succeeded in life.

The book follows the problems that most parents with a child with a disability have including seperation - not an uncommon issue. Also grandparents who could not deal with the situation. The brother in the story is great and again like many of the siblings of children with difficulties. They are often the rocks of the family.

Ienjoyed this book although it did not offer any surprises but that is probably because I am around children and young people with disabilites and have contact with parents and all the issues that arise. People reading this book who do not have these experiences could be the people in the book so it may make them think before they speak. Down Syndrome children are wonderful and inspirational. They can succeed beyond any expectations and we should all remember that when we offer "condolences".

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