Snow Out of Season


Christy Brunke

Snow Out of Season
Editions:Paperback: $ 11.04
ISBN: 1941291260
Pages: 288
Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 1941291260
Pages: 290

Two pregnant women separated by time . . . Are they more connected than they know?

Shannon Henry is just starting to put her life back together after the death of her infant daughter when she discovers she’s pregnant again. Afraid of losing another child, at first she hides the news from her husband Wade. When her doctor presents her with the choice of either raising a child with Down syndrome or terminating the pregnancy, Shannon is torn. Then things strangely start going missing—their wedding picture, a bracelet with charms for their three children, Wade’s clothes on the floor which she’s always complained about. And why is she having nightmares about losing her husband?

Leslie Gardner is a high-school senior in 1979 who dreams of becoming a professional ballerina, but she discovers she is pregnant too. If she has the child, her chances of a dancing career and college are over, but her friend shows her another option. If she secretly has an abortion like her boyfriend wants, her problems will be over and her life can go on as planned.

While Shannon wrestles with her sanity, Leslie struggles with whether or not to tell her parents. Each must make a decision that will alter both the future and the past forever.

Reviews:Patti Shene on Amazon wrote:

Snow Out of Season, by Christy Brunke, is a sensitive, heart touching story that deals with the real life issues of marriage, crisis pregnancy, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, abortion, and faith. The author captivates the reader with the emotion of the story on page one and doesn’t let go until long after the book is finished.

The two main characters, Leslie and Shannon, at different points in their lives, become pregnant under less than ideal circumstances. Both women are confronted with a choice that will change their lives forever. Each character has individuals in their lives who pose both sides of the question of whether to continue the pregnancy in the face of great personal sacrifice or terminate it.

Snow Out of Season takes a dramatic twist that sends the reader on an emotional roller coaster that parallels the one both women must ride in order to play out their individual destiny.

The theme that impacted me most is the fact that we are all uniquely individual, and each life is interconnected with any number of others in ways we may not even imagine. Christy Brunke is to be commended for the manner in which she handles the always controversial issue of prolife versus prochoice.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has faced the loss of a child, the question of abortion, and/or enjoys books that deal with women’s issues. Actually, I would like to see every young person in America read this book!

Michael Litzau on Goodreads wrote:

I recently finished reading "Snow out of Season". I'm a 59 year old man - I cried. My wife had read it before me - she cried too. She has literally read hundreds of novels over the years and I don't remember her EVER crying over a book. We had learned that the professional reviewer from Library Journal who had given the book a "Starred Review" and named it "Debut of the Month" in its category had the same "problem". We speculated as to the reason. Was it the intimate connection we were made to feel with the book's characters? Was it the touching events and emotional scenes that played out? Or was it the fact that the gentlest of reminders of some of life's sweetest truths and blessings were delicately woven through its pages? You'll have to decide for yourself - I think I know the answer!

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