Sam’s Rules


Lisa Ulman 

Sams Rules
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99Paperback: $ 5.50
ISBN: 1518762972
Pages: 53

The author's brother, Sam Tink, was born with Down Syndrome in 1971, a time when the condition was still referred to as "Mongolism" and parents were strongly encouraged to put their child in an institution. Sam's family welcomed him and accepted him for who he was. This memoir highlights Sam’s unique view of the world and the life lessons he taught his family. Now his family is sharing these rules they learned from him.

Reviews:Marie Hutchison on Amazon wrote:

This was a wonderful tribute and a touching story.Sam's rules are simple and very relevant for everyone. I loved his humor and the family's love for his care and happiness. I am recommending this to all my relatives and friends.

Kristen on Goodreads wrote:

This is a book about a boy name Sam who grow up the the 70's with Down's Syndrome. Sadly he passed away when was thirty-six years old but his Older sisters wrote a few of Sam's rules that she later choose to share in this book. Sam's Rules was a very quick read and I found self going through the emotions of happy, sad and even chuckling to myself, the first and last "headings" was a whirlwind. I really liked this book and how Lisa Ulman use Sam's viewpoint- a great honor! Thanks Lisa Ulman for sharing you amazing brother's rules with us.

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