Reflections from Holland: A New Mother’s Journey with Down Syndrome


Dana Hemminger

Reflections from Holland
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99Paperback: $ 10.00
ISBN: 1500269182
Pages: 222

Dana Hemminger and her husband Shawn could hardly wait for the arrival of their first child. Upon Benjamin's early birth, their world was turned upside down with his numerous health complications and confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome. They found themselves in a whirlwind of questions, emotions, and shattered dreams. The only thing that was clear was the immense love they felt for their tiny son. Beginning their new journey as parents in an unfamiliar terrain, they discovered that beautiful treasures can be uncovered in dark places and wonderful joy can spring from the deepest pain. Here Dana shares their story with its struggles, triumphs, and lessons along the way. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and celebrate the miracle of one little life with an extra chromosome!

Reviews:N. Prenovost on Amazon wrote:

I loved this book . I really think whoever has or knows someone who has a special needs child will be encouraged and enlightened by the honesty and insights that Dana shares. It is very well written. Blessings to this family.

Sara on Goodreads wrote:

This is an incredible book. The author is so honest in taking us through the journey of having a special needs child. It will help you build compassion and insight. A good read for a parent, therapist or anyone who interacts with anyone that has special needs

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