Reasons to Smile, 2nd Edition: Celebrating People with Down Syndrome around the World


Andrea Knauss (Editor), Elizabeth Martins (Editor), Keith Harris (Foreword)

Reasons to Smile, 2nd Edition Celebrating People with Down Syndrome around the World
Editions:Hardcover - Second Edition: $ 14.99
ISBN: 0764364626
Pages: 128
This updated edition offers 15 new, candid, and true stories from people across the world celebrating the lives of people living with Down syndrome. With over 50 short writings, along with “slice of life” photos, these pieces share wisdom, encouragement, connection, and joy. Parents, families, and friends of children living with Down syndrome will discover a wealth of positivity and valuable guidance. Special-education teachers, social workers, mental health professionals, and policymakers will find helpful information and insight from stories regarding behavioral health. And anyone who is looking to learn more about Down syndrome will discover a world full of possibilities they never knew existed.

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