Perfect: Sacred Stories from the Heart of a Dad


John T. Wagner

Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99Hardcover: $ 24.95
ISBN: 1633932001
Pages: 232
Paperback: $ 13.19
ISBN: 1633931986
Pages: 232

In our world, David will never be able to “earn it.”  He’ll never make a lot of money.  He’ll never be “important.”  He’ll never have a “big job” or own his own home.  By any measure in our society and culture, he won’t be “successful.”

But, you can’t get that boy off the dance floor. He’s not self conscious. He doesn’t so much think or care about who’s looking at him. He doesn’t need your approval. At all.

He is fully aware, fully in tune, completely swallowed up by the fact the absolute fact, that he is loved. And he knows it. And it just flows out of him. Out of every pore of his being.

In Perfect, author John T. Wagner tells the stories of his son David, a 17-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, and how David has led him more fully to the sacred stories of Jesus. Get ready to dance, laugh, cry, celebrate, wonder, treasure, believe and be wrapped in pure joy as you meet this little boy who is precious to the Savior and a gift to all those around him.

Reviews:Howard F. Freeman on Amazon wrote:

I dislike devotionals. And I'm a writing snob. So poorly written devotionals fall somewhere between kindling and gerbil cage liner.

I love "Perfect." It really is a make-you-laugh-make-you-cry book that just so happens to be a very convenient Christian devotional that you can read each day. I pre-ordered it and have really enjoyed the stories, which point me to a Joy that each of us deeply craves.

Read it to grow closer to God. Read it to grow closer to others. Read it to understand how fearfully and wonderfully YOU are made, and how wonderful each of us is made by our Creator.

Tricia on Goodreads wrote:

The author was an upperclassmen at my university. The poignant stories about he and his son are very touching and hopeful. It has a study/discussion portion that I did not do but I think it would be great to do within a group setting.

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